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9 Awesome Activities To Try With Your Dog

A new hobby that involves your dog – sounds like the best kind to us! You’re sure to have a lot of fun with these activities we’ve sniffed out for you to try with your furry friend. We did!


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CaniSup – on the river, in the rain… Still fun!

  1. CaniSUP/ Surf

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) and surfing is rapidly increasing in popularity not just here in the UK but all over the world. Why not take your dog along to join in the fun! We don’t think he should miss out. The great thing is you nor your dog have to of even tried it before. WARNING: YOU MAY GET WET – But that’s all apart of the fun! The beauty is – any breed can give it a go!

Tip: Be sure to pick up a doggy life jacket to keep your pooch safe. Find the one in the picture right here: Click here  


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Mountain Biking with your dog

2. Mountain Biking/ Bikejoring

Make your pooch feel like he’s one of the back by hurtling through your local woods by your side! If you’re feeling confident why not try Bikejorking (a lot like Husky Sledging but with a bike). You’ll need a 6 point pulling harness and an attachment that fixes to the front of your bike…oh and a dog that obeys basic commands. You wouldn’t want to be pulled off the track chasing a bunny! This is also becoming more popular with local events popping up round the country. The beauty is – any breed can give it a go!

Tip: Make sure you get the right harness and try it out at a quieter time of the day.  


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3. CaniCross

How about your pooch helping you out with a little run in the countryside. All you need is a pulling harness for your dog, a bungee lead and a running harness for yourself. There are local clubs and events all over the UK – what a great way to get out and exercise with your dog as well as make new doggy friends. You can even start with 0k to 5k and build it up from there. The beauty is your pooch can help pull you up the hills (And sometimes down… eeek) – any breed can give it a go!

Tip: Get a good fitting harness for both you and your dog (can also be used for Bikejoring)  – find the one in the picture right here: Click here  


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4. Doga

After all of the adventure you and your dog deserve a little time to relax. Doga – AKA Doggy Yoga… AKA Roll around on the floor while your dog looks at you like you’ve suddenly lost the plot. On a slightly more serious note there are most certainly benefits for you and your pooch. Plus you’ll both need a good stretch after all of the other Awesome Activities you’ve been trying!  No previous experience or classes needed – there are loads of videos on YouTube for you to have a go at.

Tip: Get yourself a mat so you do go sliding along the floor. Find the one in the picture here: Click here


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Doggy Frisbee

5. Frisbee

Teach an old (or young) dog new tricks! Out with the tennis ball, in with the Frisbee! Spice up old fashioned fetch with Doggy Frisbee – a game the whole family can enjoy… if your dog decided to bring it back! Plus your dog will pull out some neat twists and back flips. Best play on grass, not in the living room in that case!

Tip: You can get specially designed Frisbee’s so you don’t hurt your pooches chops – and they are easier to throw, so that’s a bonus! Find them here, this one floats – Ideal: Click here


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Hiking & Geocaching

6. Hiking & Geocaching

Get out for an extra long walk with your furry best friend. There are some truly stunning places to visit in the UK. Don’t let your pooch miss out, take him along! Why not mix up your hiking with a bit of Geocaching. If you’ve never heard/ tried Geocaching you’re seriously missing out – there are hidden little gems stashed all over the Country/ World. You simply (and sometimes not so) get a set of coordinates and off you pop to find the treasure in its hidden location. You can even sign up and leave little presents too. Find all you need here: www.geocaching.com/play

Tip: If you’re looking for a bit of help up those hills used your Canicross harness so your dog can take on a little of the leg work for you! We do! Find the link here:  Click here 


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Wild Swimming

7. Wild Swimming

Does what is says on the tin. Dogs like to swim and if you like to swim why not join him. Wetsuits and life vests advised if your swimming in deep and cold water, or for any length of time. We advise you start off in shallower waters. As we found out your dog may try to use you as his new climbing frame! Lakes, Rivers, disused Quarries = Playground. WARNING: Be sure its safe before you and your beloved pooch go diving in!

Tip: Pick a sunny day to go an cool off.  But don’t be fooled the calmest looking waters can be dangerous for even the strongest swimmers!

Get your life jackets here: Click here


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8. CaniCamping

There are numerous places to go camping, and even more allowing our pooches to stay too (usually for a small fee). Even better if you wander off the beaten track and go wild camping. The down side is that there wont be facilities. But on the other had if its peace and quiet you’re looking for then this could be a great option! There are also lots of doggy travel products on the market, from pop up bowls to dog specific tents.

Tip: Pop up bowls are great for saving space. Find them here: Click here


9. Rollerblading

Lets face it we’ve all seen the glamorous pictures of people in places like L.A. Swanning elegantly along the sunny ‘side-walk’ with their dog trotting alongside. We don’t have a picture of this one. Mainly because its not as easy as it looks to Rollerblade, handle your dog and get a reasonably good picture! WARNING: Must have good rollerblading skills and a reasonably obedient dog! We recommend  trying with just a lead that can easily be dropped, before committing to strapping yourself in a harness. If you’re brave enough to try the harness you can find the link above in Canicross. 

Tip: Find a quiet side-road with limited distractions for your dog.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our article as much as we enjoyed making it! Post in the comments if you can think of other awesome things to try with your dog. We’ll be sure to give them a go! 

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    Victoria and her dog Rio x